Case Study

Bentley Systems

As an international organisation delivering software solutions to engineers, architects and constructors, a need was identified to create greater synergies amongst individual team members within the client delivery space. In order to address this, People Performance designed an intervention that profiled the culture of the organisation and then profiled the individual team members to identify potential flash points. Through a series of workshops, People Performance were able to create greater understanding and awareness of the inherent strengths within the team and also define actions that would ensure a coherent and unified team with a clear focus on direction and goals.

Bentley Systems engaged People Performance to facilitate a Team workshop focused on personality types for one of our International Marketing Teams. This distributed team of colleagues was brought together in Dublin for their first team meeting. Given their diverse nationalities and languages, I was particularly impressed with how People Performance fostered a participative environment for the team. We were all very pleased with the learning outcomes. Overall an excellent experience, I would have no hesitation recommending People Performance.
Michael O’Connell